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Doesn’t your baby experience a sound sleep? Does he or she frequently wake up? It may be due to the poor mattress quality, etc. You should take care of your little angle and put him to sleep on a soft mattress that comes with a mosquito net. It not only keeps your baby comfortable, but also protects him against mosquito bite while sleeping.

White Swan baby mosquito net comes with a cotton mattress. It is an ideal choice for your baby, letting your little one experience a cozy and comfortable sleep. Beautifully designed with the cotton fabric, this material provides your kid with extra softness and smoothness. It is an easy to use product. Whether you have put your baby to sleep on a crib or cot bed, White Swan baby mosquito net with mattress can be used easily.


This product of White Swan comes with exclusive inbuilt mosquito net which gets opened automatically. This is a perfect solution for kids between 0-2 years. The cotton mattress set usually contains 1 mattress, 1 pillow with frill.


Primary features of White Swan baby mattress include the following:

  • Cotton fabric
  • Mosquito Net
  • Easy to use product
  • Comes with different colors
  • Extremely soft for your baby delicate skin

About White Swan

White Swan is a prominent company, providing a wide range of baby products and toys. These products and toys are perfect not just because they let your babies learn, but also because your babies can play with them at the same time. Baby mattress of this brand is an easy to use product, which is designed with a mosquito net also. It lets you be worry-free from your baby when he or she sleeps. For an extra care, the products come with a cotton fabric so that the kids remain safe in the net.

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